Tuesday, August 13, 2080

Hello World!

Greetings everyone,

My name is Ted Davis and I am a Texture Painter (a.k.a. "Surfacer") working in the VFX industry. Currently I am based out of Los Angeles, CA, but can easily relocate to any cool new place or project (extreme emphasis on the COOL!... lol), in the world.

On this blog you will find my latest and greatest happenings in the field of computer graphics (as well as some past examples of my work and experiences in, and from: graphic design, video games, commercial/broadcast campaigns, and feature film work). I also will be posting my latest demo reel- as well as periodic updates to it -here for all to look at and enjoy. So take a minute to check out my stuff, and let me know what you think.

Most Sincerely,

Ted Davis
Texture Painter at Large


Monday, August 12, 2080

My Demo Reel...

Here is the current version of my Demonstration Reel. If there are any problems playing back the video file, let me know! That way I will be forced to upload different versions of it for you, lol.



Sunday, August 11, 2080

Sample Images...

Here are some sample images of work featured on my demo reel. Special THANKS! goes out to Jay Lenn for the awesome troll model below. Enjoy!



Sunday, August 10, 1980

Gnomon BTS DVD...

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to show you what the cover of my new Gnomon DVD will possibly look like. It should be availible for download in the next couple of weeks on the Gnomon Workshop website located here. Enjoy!